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Professional Technology International certification inspection testing and training comprehensive company

Experience Founded in 2007, Served any world top 500 companies for a long time

Serving the Country Headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Beijing, Guangdong and Qingdao

Notified Body Representative The representative office of the certificate body directly accepts the application for certification

VIACERT will provide market-leading services when you need


  • CE Mark
  • Russian Federation EAC Certification
  • International Welding Certification
  • Compliance certification
    CE Mark
    It is a not only daunting but also crucial task to manage and overcome technical barriers to trade by applying the suitable directives and standards, conformity assessment procedures.
    Russia EAC Certification
    Russian CU-TR certification is mandatory, all products certified within the scope of certification must display their registration mark EAC.
    International Welding Certification

    The special welding process not only determines the quality of the product, but also directly relates to the personal safety of the product use personnel. The welder and welding system with international standards can ensure the professional degree and excellent quality of the welding work.

    Compliance certification

    Meeting the requirements of international regulations/standards is the primary prerequisite for entering the international market and a powerful manifestation of product quality.



Passing the test and inspection of international standards is the basic requirement for entering the international market and a strong guarantee for product quality. The company has been authorized by many internationally renowned testing and certification organizations...


VIACERT is not only familiar with various international regulations and standards, but also has implemented various international projects. It has rich experience in project practice and can provide training services for various international regulations and standards.


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